Wright County stays red, follows most state election outcomes

Kim Reynolds won the gubernatorial race over challenger Fred Hubbell, making her the first female candidate ever elected to the position in Iowa (since she previously assumed the vacated position rather than was elected). Wright County strongly leaned towards Reynolds over Hubbell, as she gathered 61.6% of the vote compared to Hubbell’s 36.2%.

Incumbent Steve King will also be returning to Washington, D.C. after winning over J.D. Scholten in the Dist. 4 US Representative race. Scholten stayed neck and neck with King most of Tuesday night before losing by a few percentage points. The race was more clear cut in Wright County as King took it with 54% of the vote with Scholten at 42.6%.

Republican incumbent Terry Baxter also won handily over Democratic challenger Connie Price at both the county and state levels. Baxter took around 65% of the vote in the county, with Price at about 35%.

In most of the state office races, Wright County went along with the general trend and chose the winning candidate. These included the winners for Secretary of State- Paul Pate (Rep), Secretary of Agriculture- Mike Naig (Rep), and Attorney General- Tom Miller (Dem).

Wright County differed from the overall state trend when it came to State Auditor and Treasurer. Wright County chose Mary Mosiman (Rep) over Rob Sand (Dem), although Sand went on to win the race overall. The county leaned toward Jeremy Davis (Rep) over Michael Fitzgerald (Dem) for Treasurer, yet Fitzgerald, the incumbent, won the election.

Since various local races were unopposed, they went to the only candidate, including Dean Kluss for county supervisor, Peggy Schluttenhofer for treasurer, Denise Baker for recorder and Eric Simonson for county attorney.

For a complete list of other local election results and the county breakdown, visiting wrightcounty.org.

All vote totals are unofficial until canvassed by the Board of Supervisors, which will take place next Tuesday.

See the November 15th issue of the Eagle for more election coverage along with county and state trends.