Wright County goes with Pete Buttigieg in last week’s Democratic caucus

It may have taken a few extra days, but late last week, the Iowa Democratic Party released the results of the February 3 caucus. On the state level, with the slightest of leads, Pete Buttigieg appeared to come out on top with 26.2% of the total, barely edging out Senator Bernie Sanders with 26.1%. As of Monday, the Iowa Democratic Party’s (IDP) estimates stated Buttigieg received 14 national convention delegates, while Sanders received 12 (out of the state’s possible 49). Trailing the two frontrunners were Elizabeth Warren with eight delegates, Joe Biden with six and Amy Klobuchar with one. Sanders did come out on top in the second alignment count however, which is essentially the popular vote. 

At a county level, the state released results that were clearer cut. Buttigieg handily won Wright County with 35.5% or 213 people caucusing for him. Tied for second was Senator Amy Klobuchar and Sanders. Klobuchar, perhaps benefitting from her visit to the county, had 20% of the caucus or 120 people, which was the same as Sanders. Former Vice President Joe Biden was close to that total with 107 caucusing for him, getting 17.8%. Further down the line were Elizabeth Warren with 4.5% of the vote and Michael Bloomberg with 2.17%. 

Even a week after the caucus, the overall state results are still being questioned. The campaigns had until Monday of this week to ask for a recanvass to audit the results. Both Buttigieg and Sanders have asked for a select few precincts to be recanvassed, 85 in all (out of around 1,700). The IDP stated they will conduct that recanvass within a couple of days. The Sanders campaign has acknowledged that if results in those precincts end up going his way, he wouldn’t overtake Buttigieg for delegates, but they believe Sanders could end up earning one more.

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