Woolstock - this weekend Can You Conquer the Gauntlet?

Can You Conquer the Gauntlet?

Have you ever sat back in your recliner watching “American Ninja Warrior” on television thinking to yourself, ‘I bet I could do that?’ Well there’s a chance this Saturday right here in Wright County to prove it to yourself. Find out if you can really plug your way through the peg board; tackle a climbing wall of tires; shoot through the Torpedo, tackle the Tarzan Swing...CONQURE THE Gaunt let .

This Saturday, Aug. 5, the land surrounding Josh and Yolanda Amonson’s residence will be turned into Woolstock’s very own “Ninja Warrior” style course.

Nearly four miles of course will hold 25 obstacles to challenge you. More than 850 participants from all over the country have already preregistered to come to rural Iowa to Conquer the Gauntlet. According to Stephen Mainprize, the founder/owner of the obstacle course, challenge nearly 100 of those registrants are from the Wright County area. Are you one of them? If not, you can still register the day of the race, but you have to do so before 10:30 a.m.

“I love this location,” Mainprize said of the Amonson acreage. “There are lots of awesome pre-existing hills and trail runs through the forest...it will be an amazing place to set up a course.”

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