Why Eagle Grove?

Earlier this fall, first-year technology teacher, Alyssa Petersen Dooley, gave her sixth grade students at Robert Blue Middle School an assignment - design an advertisement.

Their goal was not just any advertisement for any product, but an ad that promoted Eagle Grove.

“I wanted them to come up with an advertisement to inform people why Eagle Grove is so awesome,” said Petersen Dooley.

For weeks the kids (broken up into groups) worked on identifying what it was that they thought made Eagle Grove a great place to live. They considered activities, parks, education, religion, places to eat, earning a living, cost of living, and more.

Petersen Dooley, who is an EGHS graduate herself, developed the lesson plan to match the real-life scenario that is taking place right now in this community. With the Prestage Foods Processing Plant being built, city leaders, business owners, and community-minded residents are asking themselves these very same questions. How can we attract people to our great city? What do we have to offer that will make them choose Eagle Grove as their home town over other neighboring cities? What amenities can we promote and what new businesses/attractions would fit well into our way of life?

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