What you don't see

When you walk into your teenagers bedroom, what do you see? There’s probably a bed, a lamp, some books, a light switch. Maybe there’s a cell phone or a blue tooth speaker - all perfectly normal things. It’s “What You Don’t See” that might be the problem, and the Iowa Narcotics Officer Association wants to open the eyes of parents and caregivers as to where paraphernalia might be hiding. That’s why they are bringing a drug and addiction education trailer to this year’s Wright County Fair.

According to Darren Robinson, a three-year Region 2 Director for the Iowa Narcotics Officer Association, the new “What You Don’t See” trailer was just introduced this year. It’s purpose is plain and simple - to educate adults who have kids what to watch for. The trailer is designed to resemble a “typical teenagers” bedroom where attendees will learn the meanings of signs, symbols & clothing, common hiding spots and other indictors that can be a tip to otherwise unsuspecting parents.

“I think the hiding in plain sight will be a huge wake-up call for some people,” said Robinson.

On Saturday, July 14 - for ONE DAY ONLY - between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., adults are encouraged to take a step inside the trailer. It’s on a come-and-go basis with approximately six to eight people being taken through the trailer at a time.

First, you’ll view an eight-minute introduction video that was produced by Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC).

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