Welcome to the jungle... and the ocean, the desert, the rainforest, and more

Pictured from left: Nicole Menke made this fun jungle out of construction paper and a cardboard box as part of her presentation on chimpanzees. Naomi Agtun brought along her stuffed elephant to attract attention to her research on the Jungle Elephant. Temperance Waldner carefully drew a picture of a Black Eagle for her report. Photo by Kim Demory

Things may have been a little wild the last few weeks inside the classrooms of the Eagle Grove School District, but for third graders, there was a reason for it other than summer break is almost here. Things went wild and crazy because they made a zoo in their classrooms - but don’t worry, there weren’t any live animals roaming around, but there were a few stuffed ones.

A couple of weeks ago, each third grade student was assigned a specific mammal, birds, fish, insect, reptile or amphibian to research, and then prepare a presentation so others could learn about them as well. On Thursday, May 3, these students invited their families, friends, and peers to join them for their presentations.

As the crowd of people meandered through several classrooms, they had the opportunity to learn about all sorts of familiar, and unfamiliar species - hedgehogs, turtles, elephants, sea lions, flamingoes, jelly fish, megladons, sharks, rhinos, Arabian horses, bats, the African wild dog, manatee, angelfish, scorpions and so much more.

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