A weekly family reunion

Johny Mersch, Eddie Mersch, and Nick Mersch (pictured left to right) sit with a cup of coffee by their hands and fond memories in their hearts as they gather each week at Miller’s Landing to spend some time together as brothers. Joining them each week for coffee is their newphew, Kenny - son of Mathias. Interesting fact, Nick had his fi rst date on the day Kenny was born. Photo by Kim Demory

To the average person walking through the doors of Miller’s Landing in Humboldt, it might just look like a table of men having coffee. But what’s really happening is nearly 300 years of combined memories being shared between brothers.

On the average, Eddie Mersch (102-years-young), Nick Mersch (97-years-young), Johny Mersch (95-years-young), and their nephew Kenny Mersch meet once a week (except during planting and harvest season) by the coordination and assistance of Gordy Mersch (Nick’s son).

They say it’s for coffee, but it’s about so much more than that. Sometimes it’s just the fi ve of them, and other times there’s a table full of family - like on Wednesday, July 18 when they were joined by one of the wives, 2 nieces, children, and me - ready to share some of their stories of “the good ol’ days.”

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