Watne retires from county board of supervisors

Stan Watne serving at his last offi cial Supervisor’s meeting. Photo by Bridget Shileny

When Stan Watne decided that his time as a Wright County Supervisor should come to an end, he says he never had a second thought. He knows that he has reached a satisfying fi nish line and is happy with his accomplishments. He will be retiring from the Board of Supervisors at the end of 2018. Still, Watne and those who have worked with him cannot help but look back on his 25 years of service to the county and refl ect on decades of work.

Surprisingly, all those years ago, he did not start his career as a supervisor with a customary election. Watne, who was born and raised in the county and has spent most of his life farming near Galt, actually was appointed to a supervisor position. He explained that he found himself interviewing for the job when supervisor Gene Sturgeon passed away during his term in May of 1993. Watne did not require much arm-twisting to delve into county government. He says, “I always thought I wanted to be involved in government and was always interested in what was happening in the county.” He got his wish and was sworn in as a Wright County Supervisor in July of 1993.

Once Watne was offi cially a supervisor, it was not necessarily smooth sailing right away. He admits that the fi rst few meetings were “chaotic and overwhelming.” It was a rough time fi nancially for the county and Watne says all the acronyms and abbreviations the supervisors used were initially mystifying. Still, he must have been a quick learner and got the hang of the position, because he won his fi rst election in 1994. Since then, he won seven more elections and has seen many changes in the county.

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