Volunteers needed

Volunteers and students sewing during the 2017 Aaron Eilerts Day. Photo by Kim Demory

The 10th Annual Aaron Eilerts Day of Giving and Service is just around the corner. Once again, Robert Blue Middle School students and staff are gearing up to make a difference in our community.

One of the most popular sessions of the day has always been pillow case sewing, a project that was near and dear to Aaron’s heart. During his early middle school years, Aaron asked his mom one day if he could take a sewing class that was being offered in Goldfield. After one class he had found a new hobby. It wasn’t long before he asked his mom, Carol, if he could go shopping for fabric, and he was even willing to spend his own Birthday and Christmas money on it. He wanted to make pillowcases and give them away to people who were sick, injured, or in the hospital.

Aaron gave away many, many pillowcases. Some were to people he knew well; some were to people he had never met but knew who they were - like Eric Hanson from KCCI News. Others went to complete strangers who he just wanted to know that there were people out there who cared about them and hoped they were feeling well soon.

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