Vicki Parrott struggles to find answers to why her health changed, literally overnight Part 2

For nearly three months, Eagle Grove resident Vicki Parrott struggled with exhaustion, weakness, and a racing heart. Doctor after doctor told her there was nothing wrong with her. Vicki knew there was. She believed it was Lyme Disease, thanks to her thyroid doctor’s diagnosis, and someway, somehow, she was going to find a way to fight it.

That’s when her son, Dr. Aaron Parrott, who is a chiropractor himself, suggested trying a chiropractor who specializes in Lyme Disease treatments. On December 7, 2017, he took his mom to see Dr. Shannon White in Des Moines. An electrodermal screening led them to believe a Lyme Disease diagnosis is correct. It wasn’t necessarily what Vicki had hoped for, but at least there was some agreement of what was wrong with her. The good news, however, that Vicki had been waiting so long for, was that Dr. White believed that through homeopathic medicine and herbs, she could help Vicki regain what she had lost up to this point - her central nervous system, brain fog, and even beat the fatigue. They agreed that the chiropractor in Des Moines would monitor her homeopathy herbs, and she would receive regular chiropractic adjustments from her son back in Eagle Grove.

Vicki willingly, and with great hope began the treatment. The first months supply cost $800, with none of it covered by insurance.

On February 28, in search of more answers, Vicki saw another neurologist.

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