Three EG Rotarians named to this year’s Paul Harris Society

Current and past Eagle Grove Rotarians who are or have been a member of the Paul Harris Society include, front row, from left: Janet Kramersmeier and Del Kramersmeier. Back, row, from left: Kurt Knudsen, Jim Christ, and Lyle Larson. Photo by Kim Demory

Three Eagle Grove Rotarians were recently named to the Paul Harris Society. (Paul Harris, a lawyer in Chicago, was the founder of Rotary). This prestigious organization recognizes those Rotarians who have generously donated $1,000 or more to the Annual Fund, PolioPlus Fund, or approved Foundation grants.

Del Kramersmeier is honored to be a member not just this year, but several times in the past as well. His first donation came during 1988 - 1989. His commitment to Polio eradication is personal, having been stricken with the horrific disease himself as a child. He was only eight when he was diagnosed. He spent four-and-a-half months at Blank Children’s Hospital, and later, another four-and-a-half months at a rehabilitation center in Minnesota.

“Every penny (of the hospital bills) was paid for by the March of Dimes. Now it’s payback time,” he said as to why he’s donated his money over the years.

He remembers that in the third-world countries, the actual cost of the Polio vaccine, at that time, was only 16¢ a dose. So giving $1,000 to these third-world countries to help rid the world of this disease - well, do the went a long ways, and it still does today.

“It’s a very worthwhile cause,..every year we think we can eradicate Polio...but there are still some third-world countries who don’t want our help,” Kramersmeier said.

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