Think it, design it, print it, use it

Hayden Schafer works designing a case for his earphones in technology class. This is just one example of a project that can be printed on RBMS 3D printers. Photo by Kim Demory

There have been some pretty amazing stories in the national news lately about 3D printers, one of those featuring a classroom that made a prosthetic finger for a classmate. While it seems like something you might find in a Sci-Fi show, these types of things are really happening in today’s classrooms. That education is even happening right here in Eagle Grove.

No - the middle school is not printing prosthetic body parts, but since the start of the 2018 - 2019 school year Robert Blue students have been printing things like name tags, stamps, animal shapes, games, and more.

Teacher Josh Schild was the first one to approach the school district about purchasing a 3D printer, and surprisingly, they were very affordable. The one (which prints items as big as 5x5x5 inches) cost only $299 and the larger one (5x5x9)inches was $700. T he fi lament u sed i n the printer was purchased for around $100, and according to Schild, that should be enough to last his fifth grade classes through the year.

“If you think it you can pretty much design and print it,” said Schild.

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