A suit and tail instead of a suit and tie

Dan Meers (better known as K.C. Wolf to many football fans) helps fi fth grader Brett Ascherl try on K.C.’s size 23 shoes. Photo by Kim Demory

K.C. Wolf, the mascot for the Kansas City Chiefs football team, was in Eagle Grove recently. He wasn’t there to cheer on his favorite NFL team, but rather to cheer kids on about making good choices, taking time to read, and being all around kids of good character. As the elementary students (fi rst) and the Robert Blue Middle School students (later) poured into the auditorium for the assembly, they laughed as K.C. Wolf did all kinds of crazy things - like sneaking up behind them, sitting in the crowd by the teachers, and high-fi ving some of the kids. After everyone was seated, he surprised them by actually taking off his wolf head and revealing his true identity. That’s when they met Dan Meers, the man underneath the K.C. Wolf mascot uniform.

The kids loved learning all about what it takes to be a professional mascot. As they watched a brief video of some of his best highlights, they laughed and cheered. They discovered that K.C. Wolf has been skiing, bungee jumping, and rode a zip line. He’s ridden through the football stadium on a 4-wheeler, “beat up” opposing mascots, and done too many silly things to count - but how he got there took hard work and determination.

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