Sports Boosters provide a training device for volleyball

The sport of volleyball, as in most other high school sports, requires the right technique for effective serving and blocking and especially hitting. A good, effective hitter, who can consistently have the ball set where she needs it to make a strong swing and score the point, can be the difference between a merely good offense and a great scoring offense. A device called an AcuSpike is now available to aid teams at practice to achieve that goal, and one was recently purchased by the Eagle Grove Sports Boosters for use by the Eagle volleyball team. While they have not had a lot of time with it just yet, the coaches and players can already see the potential of how the device will help them.

“It allows hitters to get in a lot of repetitions without need of a setter,” stated head coach Alyssa Dooley. “We will also be able to work on our vertical jumps. The machine extends and pushes our athletes to jump higher and higher. This is going to be a great ‘out of season’ tool for our program.”

The company that makes the device has a slogan of “Jump Higher, Hit Harder, Train Smarter.” According to information provided by their website, they describe it as a multi-ball, self-loading spike and vertical jump training machine designed for either team or individual use. An adjustable hand crank, and ruled height indicator, make it easy to set and monitor vertical jump progress.

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