Shop tax free this weekend in EG

Don’t forget to shop your local Eagle Grove stores this weekend during the 20th annual Iowa Sales Tax Holiday will be held Friday and Saturday, August 2 and 3, 2019. Qualifying clothing or footwear with a selling price of less than $100 will be exempt from sales tax as well as local option tax.

You can find lots of great things for back to school in our own hometown. Show your Eagle spirit with logo clothing available right here in town with items ranging from hats to shirts to pajama pants to socks...and so much more. You can also find undergarments, diapers, leggings, belts, diabetic shoes, slippers...lots of tax free items. Go out and see for yourself before supporting out-of-town retailers.

Whether you have schoolaged children or not, back-toschool time is savings time - for everyone.


T = Taxable

E - Exempt/Tax Free


T Accessories, such as...

T Barrettes and bobby pins

T Belt buckles

E Bow ties

T Hair bows, clips, and bands

T Handbags, purses

T Handkerchiefs

T Jewelry

T Key cases

T Ponytail holders

E Scarves

E Ties

T Wallets

T Watch bands

T Watches

E Adult diapers

E Aerobic clothing

T Alterations of clothing

E Antique clothing

E Aprons, household

T Athletic gloves, pads, supporters

E Athletic socks

Alphabetical list of representative items

T = Taxable

    E = Exempt


E Baby bibs, clothes, diapers, receiving blankets

T Backpacks

T Ballet shoes

E Bandanas

T Baseball cleats and glove

E Bathing suits, caps, cover-ups

T Belt buckles sold without belts attached

E Belts with buckles attached

T Belts without buckles

T Belts for weightlifting

E Bibs

T Bicycle shoes with cleats

T Billfolds, wallets

T Blankets (except baby receiving blankets)

E Blouses

T Book bags

E Boots, general purpose

T Boutonnieres

E Bowling shirts

T Bowling shoes, rented and sold

E Bow ties

T Bracelets

T Braces and supports worn to correct or alleviate a physical incapacity or injury, except prescription

E Bras

E Bridal apparel, sold not rented

T Briefcases

T Buttons


E Camp clothing

E Caps and hats, including sports

T Checkbook covers

E Chef’s uniforms

T Chest protectors

E Children’s novelty costumes

E Choir and altar clothing

T Cleated and spiked shoes

E Clerical vestments

T Cloth and lace, knitting yarns, and other fabrics

T Clothing repair

T Clothing repair items, such as thread, buttons, tapes, iron-on patches, zippers

E Coats and wraps

T Coin purses

T Corsages and boutonnieres

E Corsets and corset laces

T Cosmetics

T Cosmetic bags

E Costumes, sold not rented

E Coveralls

E Cowboy boots

T Crib blankets



T Diaper bags

E Diapers, diaper inserts (adult and baby, cloth or disposable)

E Dresses

E Dress gloves, shoes

T Dry cleaning services

T Duffel bags


E Ear muffs

T Elbow pads

E Employee uniforms, but not athletic or protective


T Fabric

T Fanny packs

T Fins

T Fishing boots, waders, vests

T Football pads, pants, shoes, gloves

E Formal clothing, sold not rented

E Fur coats and stoles


E Galoshes

T Garment bags

E Garters and garter belts

E Girdles, bras, and corsets

E Gloves (generally), such as dress, garden, leather and work

T Gloves (sports), such as baseball, batting, bicycle, football, golf, handball, hockey, raquetball, tennis, weightlifting

T Gloves (protective), such as rubber, surgical, welding

T Goggles, except prescription

E Golf clothing, caps, dresses, shirts, skirts, pants

T Golf gloves

E Graduation caps and gowns, sold not rented

E Gym suits and uniforms

H T Hair nets, bows, clips, and bands

T Handbags and purses

T Handkerchiefs

T Hard hats

E Hats

T Helmets: bike, baseball, football, hockey, motorcycle, etc.

E Hiking boots

E Hooded shirts and sweatshirts

E Hosiery, including support hosiery

T Hunting vests

I – J

T Ice skates

T In-line skates

T Insoles

E Jackets

E Jeans

E Jerseys for other than athletic wear

T Jewelry

E Jogging apparel, bras


T Key chains and cases

T Knee pads

E Knitted caps, hats


E Lab coats

T Laundry services

E Leather clothing

E Leg warmers

E Leotards and tights

T Life jackets and vests

E Lingerie

T Luggage

M – N

T Makeup bags

T Martial arts attire

E Men’s formal wear, sold not rented

T Monogramming services

E Neckwear, including ties and scarves

E Nightgowns and night shirts

O – P

E Overshoes and rubber shoes T Pads: football, hockey, soccer, elbow, knee, shoulder

T Paint or dust masks

E Pajamas

E Pants

E Panty hose

T Patterns

E Ponchos

E Prom dresses

T Protective gloves and masks

T Purses


E Raincoats, rainhats, and ponchos

E Receiving blankets for babies

E Religious clothing

T Rented clothing, including uniforms, formal wear, and costumes

T Rented shoes or skates

T Repair of clothing

E Riding pants

E Robes

T Roller blades and skates

E Rubber thongs, flip-flops

E Running shoes without cleats

3 S

T Safety clothing

T Safety glasses, except prescription

T Safety shoes not adaptable for streetwear

E Sandals

E Scarves

E Scout uniforms

T Scuba gear

T Shaving kits/bags

E Shawls and wraps

T Shin guards and padding

E Shirts

E Shoe inserts and laces

E Shoes without cleats

T Shoes with cleats, spikes

E Shoulder pads for dresses, jackets, etc.

T Shoulder pads: football, hockey, etc.

E Shorts

T Shower caps

T Skates: ice, roller

T Ski boots, vests, suits

T Skin diving suits

E Skirts

E Slacks

E Sleepwear, nightgowns, pajamas

E Slippers

E Slips

E Sneakers

E Socks

T Special protective clothing or footwear not adaptable for streetwear

T Sports helmets

T Sports pads: football, hockey, soccer, knee, elbow, shoulder

T Sports uniforms, pads, helmets

E Stockings

T Suitcases

E Suits, slacks, and jackets

T Sunglasses, except prescription

E Support hose

E Suspenders

T Sweatbands: arm, wrist, head

E Sweatshirts

E Sweaters

T Swim masks, fins, goggles

E Swim suits, trunks


T Tap dance shoes

E Tennis skirts, dresses, shoes

T Thread

E Ties

E Tights

E Trousers

E Tuxedos, but not cufflinks and rentals


T Umbrellas

E Underclothes

E Underpants

E Undershirts

E Uniforms for work and school

V – W –Y –Z

E Veils

E Vests, general, to wear with suits

E Walking shoes

T Wallets, billfolds

T Watch bands

T Watches

T Water ski vests

T Weight lifting belts

T Wet and dry diving suits

T Wigs, toupees, and chignons

E Windbreakers

E Work clothes and uniforms

T Yard goods

T Yarn

T Zippers


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