Shop Local Poker Run 2018

Shop Local Poker Run Instructions:

1. Only 1 hand can be played per player.

2. Players may only record one card from each business.

3. Draw cards at participating business during hours indicated.

4. Businesses staff will mark cards accordingly and sign score card.

5. Cards will be turned in Saturday by 5 pm to street dance entrance.

6. Top 3 hands win over $150 in prizes donated by local businesses.

7. In the event of a tie, the person choosing the number closest to the number that is drawn wins.

8. Scores will be based on 5 best cards for your poker hand.

9. The more businesses you visit the more chances you have!

10. All decisions of the judges are final.

11. HAVE FUN!!! Thanks for playing!!!

Shop Local Poker Run score card 2018.pdf454.01 KB