The Shop... A dream come true

Vicki Parrott (left) and Amy Varland (right) have joined forces to make a dream come true. They opened “The Shop” in Eagle Grove on Saturday, June 2. The business features their handmade creations.

A new Eagle Grove downtown business is a “dream come true” for two local friends who have just opened “The Shop,” a unique store featuring handmade items.

Vicki Parrott and Amy Varland first got to know each other about seven years ago when they were both working at Robert Blue Middle School (RBMS). They quickly discovered that they had a lot of the same interests - like sewing. During the 2016 - 2017 school year, the two crafty women decided to share their sewing passion with middle schoolers and started an after-school club. Several dozen kids have participated each year since.

From the after-school club stemmed an even bigger idea and dream - sharing their creativity with the entire community. Parrott had been doing craft shows for years already, so she figured why not put her things in a more permanent place where people could come on a regular basis.

Varland loved the idea and was ready and willing to become her partner, having an outlet to share her own creative projects. Within weeks, their dreams became a reality.

“We just thought okay, let’s try it out and see what happens,” said Parrott.

Together, they decided 122 W. Broadway (next to J&J Sports) would be the perfect location for their new venture.

Paint went on the walls, displays started to be planned, and handmade craft items by Parrott, Varland, and even both of their fathers, started to fill the store. The only problem was, their new business still had no name. Instead, the two women commonly found themselves saying things like “We’re going to The Shop,” or “We’ll put this in The Shop.” Eventually, it dawned on them that the perfect name for their business was in fact “The Shop.”

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