Samuel Lutheran Little Disciples follow the lead of Ruby Chitsey and grant wishes for senior citizens

Imagine what this world could be like if we were all like Ruby Chitsey? Who is Ruby Chitsey? She’s an 11-year-old girl from Harrison, Arkansas taking the internet by storm - not because she’s a great singer or has a blog or even because she’s famous, but because she has a kind heart, and she’s using it to touch the lives of the elderly in her community. She doesn’t know it, but she’s also inspired kids in Eagle Grove to do the same. The Little Disciples of Samuel Lutheran Church in Eagle Grove, have joined many others around the nation who are following Ruby’s lead of showing kindness.

It all began in May of 2018 when Ruby began visiting with nursing home residents. She asked them if you could have three wishes, what would they be. She really didn’t have a reason for asking other than just curiosity. She expected them to say things like “a Lamborghini,” or “a fancy house.” But they didn’t. Instead, they asked for simple things - things many of us take for granted, like chocolate bars, new shoes, electric razors, and believe it or not, there were several who wished for Vienna sausages.

Ruby couldn’t believe they were such basic things. She wanted to grant their wishes, so she and her mom created a charity called “Three Wishes for Ruby’s Residents.” They set up a GoFundMe account. Ten thousand people signed up in a day. Since then, they’ve raised approximately $250,000 to help bring a smiles to hundreds of senior citizens. You can check out some of the things she had done, and inspired others to do, on her Facebook page Three Wishes for Ruby’s Residents. When Melanie Olson and the Little Disciples of Samuel Lutheran Church came across Ruby’s mission, they knew they wanted to change the lives of residents right here in Eagle Grove, at Rotary Senior Living. On Sunday, Sept. 15, Mack and Mya Morgan, Brooke Demuth, Kayden and Leslie McClelland - along with the help of Melanie and Kali Olson, and Jaclynn and Mollie Demory, headed to both the north and south homes to visit the residents and ask them what three wishes they might have. Within the first couple of minutes, they realized how spot-on Ruby’s discovery was. They didn’t want big things, they wanted little things to make their life happier, or simpler. Jim Lothe and Johnny Sheets only wished for a hug, which Mya happily gave each of them. Still, other residents didn’t even seem interested in thinking about what their wishes were. Instead, they relished in the fact that someone was there to visit with them. It was obvious that was all they really wanted, and the kids being there was already fulfilling their wish. Others asked for things like puzzles, juice, a hamburger, or a new shirt.

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