Russell opens new center that is inspiring women to be their best...

Classes in the works for kids, senior citizens, and possibly men

New Year’s Day isn’t too far away, and according to, losing weight/eating healthy was the #1 New Year’s resolution of 2017. For Lisa Russell, a 1993 graduate of Clarion-Goldfield High School, fitness has pretty much always been on the top of her adult priority list. But rather than making it a new resolution each year, she makes it a way of life. The way she does that is by making it fun that not only is she motivating herself, she’s motivating others too. In fact, on November 5 of this year, she even opened her very own fitness training center located at 211 West Broadway in Eagle Grove - Slay.

Russell said it was 2011 when she found her true passion of not only keeping herself physically fit, but helping others find that drive as well. That’s when she started teaching a Pilates class at the Wellness Center in Eagle Grove. It was so popular that she quickly had to add a second class. By 2014, she had incorporated kick-boxing into the class, and more people. That meant she needed more space, so much more that she rented the old Goldfield Elementary School gym. The floor was filled with local women who came not only for the physical workout, but for the mental and emotional strengthening as well.

That combination is what has kept women coming back class-after-class, session-aftersession, and year-after-year - Russell’s philosophy of total mind and body well-being. Or as she calls it, a place to “Find your tribe.”

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