Rotary Auxiliary - 50 Years of serving Eagle Grove’s elderly

Lois Barnes, an Auxiliary member, serves birthday cake to residents at Rotary Senior Living South. George Hayden has the only Sept. birthday on Sept. 11. Photo by Kim Demory

It was Novermber, 1964 - five Eagle Grove women recognized a need for an Auxiliary to serve the residents of Rotary Ann, so they got together to do something about it.  Cornelia Allbaugh, Cathlene Blue, Dorothy Duer, Anne Schaeferle, and Roberta Harding-Scheetz called all their friends, and thus was the birth of a new service group intended to “promote friendly relations between the community and the residents of the home.”

The 19 members of that first group each paid $2.00 dues to support various projects throughout the year.  Their first official program was a Christmas party they held for the residents.  And what’s Christmas without a gift to unwrap?  They made sure each resident got one, purchased with money from their dues.

Today, 50 years later, there are 65 women of all ages and professions from the Eagle Grove area who keep Rotary Auxiliary going strong.  Currently serving as president is Blanche Bosteder. Purchase a copy this week’s Eagle Grove Eagle to continue reading this article.