Ready to do “...a million and one things.”

Meg Hanson, the new Kindergarten through eighth grade art teacher in Eagle Grove, admits teaching was never her intended career. In fact, with her mom and sister both in that field, she wanted “to avoid it like the plague,” she joked.

After graduating from Hampton High School, Hanson headed to Iowa State University where she entered the College of Design and Integrated Arts Studio. Soon, she realized not only was she passionate about all kinds of art, but she wanted to share her knowledge with others...and so she entered the Elementary Education program and added an art endorsement.

“I just couldn’t sway from the teaching field,” she joked again. “But I found it’s where I’m happiest.”

Before she graduated from college, Hanson was honored to be able to take advantage of a partnership ISU has with various international schools and headed to Germany to do her student teaching. There, she taught at a Swiss International School where she worked with first graders.

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