RBMS building is bursting at the seams

Just to the right of center in this photo is the second wing of the RBMS building, and just to the left (west) of that will be where the portable classroom building will be located. This will still leave some playground area available for now, and two more portables could be located on each side of the first if needed. Photo by Les Houser

It’s been known, and talked about, for weeks, and it has now officially come about. It might have occurred a bit sooner than expected, but the Robert Blue Middle School building (RBMS) is now considered full. According to Superintendent Jess Toliver, there’s no firm plan in place yet as they are simply exploring their available options.

“We are at 302 total students at RBMS (on day of interview),” said Toliver. “I do a monthly report of class size to see where we’re at. Within the last couple of weeks, we have averaged three new students a week.”

The breakdown shows 73 students in fifth grade, 86 in sixth grade, 77 in seventh grade and 66 in eighth grade.

“We’re looking even now at needing to split sixth grade into four sections soon,” said Toliver. Over the last five years, the fifth and sixth grades have been the largest and they continue to grow.

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