Quintus pursues new career but will remain D.A.R.E. Officer

Captain Garrett Quintus worked his last full-time shift for the Eagle Grove Police Department on Wednesday, Aug. 7. While he will still be serving on the force in some capacity, he said he is looking forward to having a more normal schedule to spend time with family. Photo by Kim Demory

Garrett Quintus was born and raised in Eagle Grove. Nearly eight years ago, he joined the Eagle Grove Police Department to protect and aid his hometown, serving the last three years as Captain of the force. Wednesday, Aug. 7, was his last official day in that capacity. Quintus has accepted a position as the full- time maintenance supervisor at Rotary Senior Living instead.

“It’s been a good few years as part of the Eagle Grove Police Department,” said Quintus. “The community has always been welcoming to me in this position and I thank you all for your support.”

However, Quintus won’t be completely off the force. He has agreed to keep a part-time status so that he can still serve as the D.A.R.E. Officer at Robert Blue Middle School.

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