Preparing for growth

Sandy McGrath and Bryce Davis

There’s been a lot of discussion of the future of Eagle Grove and the surrounding communities since the announcement of Prestage Foods in Wright County a little over a year ago. With the plant located just a few miles south of Eagle Grove, the city has been preparing for growth in a variety of ways. A hotel/motel and convention center is well into the planning stages; townhouses are being built; all the housing grants have been issued for new building projects; and the elementary school has begun adding on.

But according to Eagle Grove Mayor Sandy McGrath and Wright County Economic Development Director Bryce Davis, there are more exciting projects in the making.

“Everybody has got a piece of the puzzle, now we just need to start putting it together...and we’re on the verge of doing so,” said McGrath.

One of those pieces is the possibility of a green space area, or a “Flexfield.” According to Davis, we can think of it as a football field that will not be solely for school use. Instead, it would be for Parks and Recs flag football, Lacrosse, or soccer. The goal is also to have space that can be used for basketball, a Pickle Ball court, etc.

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