Physical doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck

Millennium Therapy physical therapists at the Wellness Center in Eagle Grove include, from left: Tiffani Riedel, Samantha Bell, Erin Hoversten-Majewski, and Alyi Jankey. Photo by Kim Demory

Who hasn’t had a little ache or pain here and there? We all get them - a twisted ankle, a pinched nerve in our back, an aching wrist...but when the pain doesn’t subside, it might be time to get some help.

The Wellness Center in Eagle Grove was built in 2007 and offered patients a local option for physical therapy services. In 2014, Millennium Therapy became the therapy contractor which allowed them the opportunity to expand to outpatient therapy services as well. Hiring additional staff allowed them to continue providing skilled therapy to the nursing home residents as well.

With five different therapists on staff, the facility has been helping patients recover from chronic pain like degenerative disease in the shoulder/knee/ hip, lumbar or thoracic (back), to less invasive problems like athletic injuries, sprains, balance problems, and more.

“We do a lot of postsurgical therapy...but we also do preventative surgical rehab because most insurances won’t pay for an MRI for an injury unless therapy has been tried first,” said Erin Hoversten- Majewski PT, DPT, MHA, ATC, LAT and Rehabilitation Coordinator for Millennium Therapy. “We take a holistic approach with the goal of saving both the patient and the health care system money.”

In total, the therapists have over 12 years of experience in a variety of treatments, assuring that the patient always has the best rehabilitation opportunity.

“We hear it from everybody who has come here for therapy what a great job they’re doing,” said Chad Foust, Rotary and Wellness Center Board member.

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