Phyllis Larson - Working Woman of the Year

Jan Rowen and the members of the Eagle Grove Lions Club describe Phyllis Larson, a 37 year resident of Eagle Grove, as a “hardworking volunteer who is not afraid to take on anything new,” which is why they decided she would be the perfect person to nominate for the Working Woman’s Award of 2019...and the Eagle Grove Chamber of Commerce agreed. On Tuesday evening, April 23, Larson was shocked to receive the award during the Ladies Night Out event held at Memorial Hall.

Larson said she was caught totally off guard. In fact, her Lions friends told her a little fib to get her to rearrange her schedule so that she could be there that night. They told her another member of the Lions Club, Nancy Strub, had won.

“When (Lisa Knigge) started reading the introduction about the person who had won, I was thinking, ‘yeah, that’s Nancy,’” Larson laughed, still a little in disbelief. “Then they said, ‘...and this person has been a 4-H leader,’ and I thought to myself, ‘wow, I didn’t know Nancy was a 4-H leader.’ But when they said that this winner was the current financial secretary of the Lions Club, that’s when I knew it was me. I was totally surprised.”

She was also surprised to find out that her daughter, Ashley, and her husband, Nathan Mork, made the trip home to surprise her and celebrate with her...even though they were just home the weekend before for Easter.

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