A peek inside the new and improved RBMS

Old lockers look brand new with a coat of silver metallic paint. Custodians spent several days on this project to improve the middle school. Photo by Kim Demory

In February of this year, demolition of the old Career Lab began at Robert Blue Middle School. It was a small step towards the completion of a large remodel project that will make a huge difference in the lives of many students grades five through eight in Eagle Grove.

At first glance, for those who are not familiar with the school or the students that go there, it might have appeared that the school was in perfectly good shape. It may have looked that way, but there were several hidden issues that needed to be dealt with, and with the probability of student growth, the school board decided now was the time to make some changes. Since February, many of these necessities have been addressed. Best of all, according to middle school Principal Scott Jeske, the crew is reporting that all is on schedule to be completed by the time school starts on August 23.

One major improvement will benefit students and visitors alike. With the auditorium being used for a variety of school functions, the bathrooms are a frequently visited place. These have undergone major changes, converting both bathroom locations (one on the south end of the school and one near the lunch room) to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant. There will now be one large door that opens to both the men’s or the women’s facility. A water fountain will also be located outside this area.

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