Out of the past... into the future

Nancy Arne, Anita Idio, Deb Lund, and Mildred Reed were honored to be able to present the first altar of the UCC, along with an old Bible and wooden cross to Ron Mohr of the Eagle Grove Historical Museum last week. If you would like to see these items up close for yourself, please be sure to stop in the museum this summer. Photo by Kim Demory

There’s a long and deep history of the United Church of Christ in Eagle Grove. In November 1881, the Congregational Church (later UCC) was the first formed church of Eagle Grove. For the first two years, they met in Ryder’s Hall. In 1883, it was decided that they would build a new church that would not exceed the cost of $2,000. It was erected just south of where Lela Howland Elementary once sat.

In 1895, it was voted to move the church to the west side of Eagle Grove and a new building was erected at South Lucas and South East First Street. It is said the Reverend’s house was located in what is now the apartments behind Pok-A-Dot Plumbing and Welding.

In 1963, the UCC church moved again near the flowing well, which is where it remains today.

While there have been many changes over the past 130+ years in this church, one thing that has always remained in tact was the very first church alter. It is a prized possession of the church and cherished by the members of today’s congregation.

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