A NOTEable cause

Several contributions to the Rotary Auxiliary “Buy a Key” fundraiser were made during the July 15 Rotary meeting in Eagle Grove. Those giving/donating money include, front row, from left: Marilyn Sampson, Blanche Bosteder, Lois Barnes, Janet Kramersmeier, and Dr. Fran Pettigrew. Back row, from left: Mark Sampson, Mel Sampson, Del Kramersmeier, Kurt Knudsen, Dick Sadler, and Sam Boeke (representing Continuum Health Service).

They say music is a universal language, and if you ask the women of the Eagle Grove Rotary Auxiliary Club, it most definitely speaks to the men and women of Rotary Senior Living.

That is why they are currently trying to raise money for the purchase of two keyboards.  The cost is approximately $8,000.  That may seem like a steep goal, but it is one they are willing to pursue.

“Pretty much everyone we have contacted has contributed,” said Bosteder, president of both the Rotary Club and the Rotary Auxiliary.  “We really appreciate all of the donations.”