New Safe T Home® built in Eagle Grove

A group of volunteers from near and far gathered in Eagle Grove recently to carefully dismantle the old Safe T Home® located to the east of GoServ Global. A new one was erected in it’s place that same day, proof that a lot of hands make for light work - and the generosity of a few can change the lives of many. Read the full story for full details. Photos by Kim Demory

Voluneers came from near and far to Eagle Grove on Wednesday, June 27 with one common goal in mind - giving families a place to call home.

If you’ve ever driven down East Broadway, you’ve likely noticed a little round tin bin that sits next to the GoServ Global building (across from the ambulance shed). Do you know what that is? It’s a Safe T Home®. Do you know what it does? It provides shelters for families in third world countries.

What people once only thought of as grain bins are now providing shelter for those in desperate need. It’s all thanks to the partnership of GoServ Global and Sukup Manufacturing Company who teamed together after the devastating hurricane of 2010 that left hundreds of thousands of Haitian people displaced.

To promote their work, a Safe T Home® model was set up in Eagle Grove. Hundreds of people have been welcomed in to look at how the setup works. “I get a lot of people that come and want to see the Safe T Home®’s the perfect solution for warmer weather climate areas,” said Paul van Gorkom executive director of GoServ Global.

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