New Rotary Senior Living Memory Unit offers like-family care for your loved one

The new Rotary Senior Living Memory Unit offers a nice central gathering room to watch TV, enjoy activities, and gather for conversation. Photo by Kim Demory

Alzheimer’s and dementia take more then just the memories away from their victims. These terrible diseases also take away the peace-of-mind of family members who love them. They have to watch as their mom, dad, spouse...slips into a sea of forgetfulness, no longer allowing them to be the independent person they once were; no longer allowing them to take care of themselves.

For many, this means a struggle of how to best care for their loved ones. Moving them into another family member’s home can be a difficult transition for everyone involved as it means round-the-clock care must be given. But now, thanks to the Memory Unit addition at Rotary Senior Living (RSL) in Eagle Grove, there’s another option.

“The Memory Unit provides a place for a positive transition from home because we strived to make it as home-like as possible so the change isn’t so dramatic for them,” said RSL Administrator Tara Behrendsen. “We want them to feel like they are at home and belong here.”

The planning stages for this new $2.5 million project began three years ago, with ground-breaking happening in July of 2018. After careful planning to make this a truly home-like atmosphere, the new 23-bed facility opened within the last two weeks and is now welcoming new tenants. The Memory Unit, which is specifically designed to provide a physical layout and security to better suit Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, features 17 one-person studios and three suites for couples that offer a living room, bathroom, and a separate bedroom.

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