New Goldfield business offers antiques and more straight ‘Out of the Attic’

Cheri Comstock had little idea of the impact her Clarion-based business, Smooth Move, which assists seniors with downsizing, moving and estate sales, would have on her future.  In fact, business is so good that Comstock and her partners, the Stitzes, are opening another business to handle the items from the Smooth Move business. 

Out of the Attic is the new venture from Comstock and Kay and Mark Stitz. They are located in the former Cheese Mart building on the west edge of Goldfield on Hwy 3. The owners of Out of the Attic, who are from the Goldfield and Kanawha area, explain how the idea for the store arose. Comstock says that after a year of so of operating Smooth Move, the amount of items they were trying to sell became overwhelming. “We have warehouses full of stuff!” In the past, she has been selling it for her clients online but was still accumulating faster than she could sell it. 

Comstock says that they had so much in storage waiting to sell, that she has had to turn people down for Smooth Move. “It has been overwhelming,” she adds, but in a good way. She and the Stitzes eventually started looking for a storefront location to sell the Smooth Move stock. Kay says, “We were looking for something like a Main Street store location.” So when the Cheese Mart building came available, they jumped on it. 

They bought the building at the end of August and were working in it by Labor Day. They have done quite of bit of work to ready Out of the Attic for opening this week. Mark says, “We’ve knocked out walls, put up tin, and carpeted.” He adds that they did most of the work themselves. 

The store is shaping up to be a well-stocked collection with lots of fun items. They have shelves of interesting antiques, dolls, collectibles, old and new furniture, and tons of home décor. They even have the Christmas items ready to go. Mark adds that they will have lots of seasonal décor throughout the year. Ultimately, Comstock says, “The name says it all. If you could find it in an attic, you can find it in the store!” And everything is priced to sell at reasonable rates. 

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