Mystery Bus Tour stops in Woolstock

It was August 1913 when Helen (Lescher) and her husband, Don Brewer, moved to Woolstock, Iowa. Helen was only 18 when the couple had to marry because they found out she was with child. Coming from a privileged lifestyle and a high social status, she felt they had to move to a place where no one would know of their circumstances. 

On Thursday, July 19, 2018, a bus load of people from the Des Moines area were able to learn first-hand about these experiences and the early years of the boy who would grow up to be the first Superman as told by his “mother,” Helen - aka Veronica Guyader, a local Reeves historian. “Helen” explained to them how they chose to move to Woolstock because Don’s family was in Webster City. S

he went on to say she was not prepared for the drastic lifestyle change from the big city to small town Iowa. Gone was her mansion - now they were knocking on doors looking for an affordable place to rent. “As Superman would have said, for a “Smalltown, they were bustling, but it wasn’t a metropolis,” “Helen” said of Woolstock.

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