Mayor McGrath and City Administrator Davis report another year of accomplishments and growth in Eagle Grove

The new Eagle Grove hotel project.

Eagle Grove Mayor Sandy McGrath and City Administrator Bryce Davis are excited about the start of 2020 in Eagle Grove and all the exciting things in our future. The groundwork has been laid the last couple of years to get us where we are, and that includes some very important things that happened in 2019.


“The top accomplishments of the year are all of the grants we applied for and received,” said McGrath.

One of these included a CDBG Housing Stainability Grant

“This helps homeowners do improvements like roof repairs, windows, energy efficiency, and overall safety improvements,” said McGrath. “The last thing we want is for houses to keep declining.”

Nine individuals have been identified for the program. The city can only administer six (on a first-come, first served basis) initially, but can later apply for additional grants as demand and eligibility require.

“The project has to maintain a $24,999 threshold for each individual project,” said Davis.

They are currently verifying information for the chosen six, once those are complete, they will go out for bid to contractors, according to Davis. Once they get the low, and qualifying bid, the project will be done on the properties.

“The City was awarded roughly $213,114 for the housing program,” said Davis. Davis further explained that the City has committed $3,000 per home for our local match from funds restricted towards the City’s LMI set-aside requirements.

“Taking care of our abandoned and dilapidated houses opened the door to write a good grant to improve our housing stock,” said McGrath.

Other towns have been watching this dilapidated housing situation in Eagle Grove very closely and are now starting to follow suite, according to McGrath.

“Based on our community and our infrastructure projects that we have going on, we’ve brought in a little shy of $2.5 million in grants for the community and we have $1,265,000 in grant applications that are currently pending,” said Davis.

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