Making what’s old new again at Prom 2018

Lexy Beck wearing her grandmother’s dress)to the 2018 EGHS Senior Prom, with Parker Slagle. Photo provided

Each year, teenage girls across the nation set out to find the perfect prom dress, often times costing them several hundred dollars. But for one Eagle Grove High School senior, the dress she chose to wear is priceless - and it didn’t cost her a penny. She dressed in the gown her grandmother wore to her own Eagle Grove High School Senior Prom in 1957.

“It all started after my grandma (Shirley Ann (Anderson) Beck) died and we were cleaning her house. We found the dress in her closet,” said Lexy Beck. “We joked that it would probably fit me when we found it so I tried it on and it fit pretty perfectly. That’s when I first got the idea to wear it.”

While cleaning, they also found several photos of Shirley wearing the dress - posing for photos with her date, and later to be husband, Larry Beck. A favorite was of them standing in front of the 56 Chevy 210 Sedan that the couple took to the prom - the car that Lexy’s father, Cory later restored and now owns.

“My great grandma and grandpa bought the car new in 1956. They drove it daily until 1993 when my dad turned 16. My great grandpa had passed away and my great grandma was old enough that she couldn’t drive anymore. He drove it until he turned 18 and then my dad put it into storage,” said Lexy. “ In 2002 he began restoring it and finished it in 2005. When he finished it my grandma said she wanted one like it so he rebuilt her 1955 and had it painted red because that’s her favorite color.”

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