Making good choices starts early

Some of the members of the Eagle Grove High School Student Council gathered to show off their latest accomplishment - finding a way to install a new water fountain that fits refillable water bottles. Student Council members pictured from left are: President Chase Quintus, Jackson Helgevold, Brittany Osborn, Lain Morgan, Jozey Gump, and Maggie Wachowiak. Photo by Kim Demory

Exciting things are happening at Eagle Grove High School. Classes are back in session and things are getting back to normal, but there’s something new and exciting for the students to enjoy in the new year. Thanks to the efforts of the EGHS Student Council, and with the help of Kyle Teeselink, the students can now fill their refillable water bottles with ease.

When Student Council President Chase Quintus presented his idea to fundraise for three bottle-filler water fountains at the high school, the Council members agreed it was a great project. At the cost of roughly $1,200 each (including installation), they knew it would be a big undertaking, but they were willing to do whatever it took to provide students with a fountain that would encourage them to make better choices - and since many students already carry refillable bottles, this was a win/win project.

Much to their delight, they were able to order and install the first bottle-filling water fountain just before Christmas break, thanks to the efforts of teacher Kyle Teelelink who wrote a Delta Dental grant. The money they received covered the full cost of purchase and installation.

The fountain was installed on the east side of the third floor, by the boys restroom. The other two will be ordered as soon as the total funds for both ($2,400) is raised. The second fountain will go on the west side of the third floor (by the girls’ restroom), and the third one on the main floor by the main gym door. The reason two of them are located on the third floor, Quintus said, is because that is the hottest floor in the school and where kids often times need a refill.

Quintus said they are only a couple of hundred of dollars away from being able to purchase the other two fountains (which is more cost effective to do at the same time).

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