Make a change in the world

Students in Jordan Fonken’s third grade classroom include, (pictured in alphabetical order): Rynn Ettinger, Ciklaly Gomez-Hernandez, Maggie Green, Dahlia Gross/Williams, Cooper Kist, Nicole Menke, Mya Morgan, Jessie Morris, Brylee Mrla, Joel Nelson, Hailey Olson, Jace Olson, Alizabeth Page, Annye Pineda Ramirez, Denis Rodriguez-Mendez, Krisztian Rosalez, Simon Sandnes, German Silva Salazar, Shelby Steig, Gryffan Stevens, and Hunter Waldo/Martinez. Photo submitted

Last Monday morning, the world woke up to the news of the massacre in Las Vegas. Hearts were heavy as many wondered, “What is happening to our world?” It was tough for adults to process, let alone children who overheard the morning news or others talking about the tragedy.

“Monday, the kids in my (class)room expressed concern with the events that occurred in Las Vegas,” said Eagle Grove Elementary third grade teacher Jordan Fonken. ”So Tuesday morning, we began a project to ‘make a change in the world.’”

Each of the kids received a piece of white paper with only one word on it - “Always.” The rest was up to Fonken’s students. Their task was to offer advice to adults on how to make the world a better place. Some wrote in black markers, others used a rainbow of colors for their words, and still others drew pictures to go with their advice.

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