Looking back...and looking forward Eighth graders look at who they are and what they hope to be

Did you know what you wanted to be in the eighth grade...what you wanted to do with the rest of your life? Did you even think about it or were you just caught in the moment? For the third year now, Robert Blue Middle School teachers have been challenging eighth graders to start thinking about it by creating an end-of-the-year Life Project that they are required to complete.

As the class of 2023 set out on their middle school “All About Me” journey, they were given guidelines as to what it had to involve. They had to have a statement piece about something they believed in; a silhouette project that was decorated with images and words that represent them; and a road map of what they hope their life will look like.

From the following category, they had to do three:

• Graduation speech

• Figure me out math sheet

• Math about me poster

• Create a 3D object

• Make a digital

presentation about a book that impacted them and why others should read it

• Write a song about themselves

• Write a thank you card to a historical person of influence

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