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Lawrence “DC” Randle has been living a life of adventure.  Dedicating his life to sharing those adventures with students, Randle has given hundreds of kids the opportunity to travel with him for an Amazon experience they will never forget.

The Citizen Science in the Peruvian Amazon program gives students the chance to overcome their fears, build confidence, practice team work, experience science first-hand, and develop a connection with one of the world’s most biodiverse and globally important ecosystems.

“It’s an incredible experience for your curiosity and wonder,” said Randle.  “You don’t have to be a scientist, just willing to help those who know how.  You are doing real research with real scientists.”

The possibilities of what a student will learn and experience while in the Amazon rainforest for 10 days are limitless.  They will work side-by-side with scientists, interact with native people of the land (learning how they use the forest for shelter, food, and medicine), and ascend 115 feet on a quarter-mile Rainforest Canopy Walkway.

They will encounter a vast variety of animals and hundreds of thousands of species of insects.  Just some of them include the gliding ant, new beetle studies, wildlife sightings, the dead leaf mimick katydid, poisonous dart frogs, giant ant eaters, giant snails, three-toed sloth, transluscent-winged butterfly, and so much more.

They will also study native plant life.

“Studying the toughness of a leaf might not seem important, but certain animals only eat certain plants.  We want to know why,” said Randle.  Read more on your Eagle Grove Eagle E-edition. 

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