A journey into the unknown: Sarah Wilson goes on mission trip to Peru

As Sarah Wilson shows slides of the kids in Peru, she also shows the fourth graders some of the dolls that were made during past years of Aaron Eilerts Day that were delivered to some of the Peruvian children. Photo by Kim Demory

Sarah Wilson has been stepping outside of her comfort zone for what seems most of her life, but never in a way like she did this past summer.

Last week, she shared this experience with the fourth graders at Eagle Grove Elementary. She started her presentation by asking them a question.

“Have you ever been afraid of something before? I used to be afraid of public speaking,” she explained.

You see, Sarah stutters. The more nervous she is, the harder it is for her to speak, but over the years she has forced herself to conquer that fear. Because of this, she has learned to be brave and not be afraid of trying new things, even if they seem hard or scary. That’s the message she delivered to the students.

“I’m different, and that’s okay,” she told them.

To overcome her fear of public speaking, Sarah basically “forced herself,” as she said, to give presentations in front of people as a member of the Wright Warriors 4-H Club - not only at meetings, but competitively at the Wright County Fair.

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