Jergens part of Navy Submarine School

After graduating from High School, the majority of young adults, with their new-found freedom, head off to college, trade school, or get their own place and enter the work world. Not many choose to spend their time in the depths of the ocean, living in a submarine, but that’s exactly what Casey Jergens will be doing as part of the United States Navy.

Jergens, a part of the 2016 Class of EGHS, originally wanted to go to film school, but decided before investing in this dream, he should make sure that’s what he really wanted to do. That’s when he began thinking about joining the Navy like his father, Matt, had done (who spent four years in the branch). Not only would it be wonderful training, but the GI bill would also give him money for college for following in his father’s footsteps.

Jergens left for Boot Camp in March of this year. He spent eight weeks in Great Lakes, Ill. A series of tests showed that Jergens was qualified for several different paths, but his top pick was a field in computers. The fastest way to that goal was on a submarine. Further psychological testing showed that Jergens had what it took to be a part of the submarine division so he was sent to Basic Enlisted Submarine School where he learned about the theory construction, and operation of nuclear powered submarines. They receive instruction on shipboard organization, submarine safety, and escape procedures. Matt and his wife, Janet, are proud to announce that Casey recently graduated from the training.

Next comes SSTS (Submarine Sonar Tech School) where Jergens will spend nine months at “A” School learning his trade.

“I would have never asked him to sign up for the sub duty,” admitted his dad. “It’s not my thing, but I really respect him for it...but sonar technology is the heart and soul of the submarine.. and I’m very proud of him.”

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