Jared Locke and Jamie Rolland “Come Together” at Paul McCartney concert

Sir Paul McCartney watches as Jared Locke proposes to his girlfriend, Jamie Rolland, during McCartney’s recent Omaha concert. Photo provided

This is a love story of two people that began long before they ever even knew each other, and it all came to be because of a mutual love of the Beatles.

Jared Locke, a 2007 graduate of Eagle Grove High School, didn’t always love the Beatles, he just heard them playing a lot in the car as a kid. His Dad, the driver, played a variety of music genres, but the one that seemed to always catch Jared’s ear more than any other was “Imagine.” on John Lennon’s album.

“It just kind of stuck with me from there,” he said. “I’d say by seventh grade I was full in on the Beatles.”

In 2005, Jared attended his first-ever Sir Paul McCartney concert in Des Moines. He recieved the tickets as a Christmas gift from his Dad and Mom, and was even more enthused to attend the concert with his Dad who turned him on to the Beatles in the first place. It might seem like a dream come true and an event that would be hard to beat...but it would happen. This was only the start of his tales to tell about his encounters with the former Beatle.

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