Jan Brett Travel Day

What could be a more fun way to get six and seven-year-olds to learn in school than traveling around from room-to-room reading different books and then doing activities that correspond with it?  That’s exactly what the first grade students got to do during the Jan Brett Travel Day on Thursday, Dec. 19.   

The first grade teachers have been reading Brett’s books and  organizing corresponding activities with the kids for years now.  Not only is it a fun learning activity for them, but Brett is an agreed upon favorite author of all the first grade teachers.

In Jen Conaway’s room, the kids settled onto the carpet to read Snowy Nap (pictured above) and talked about some of the vocabulary words that were used in the book.  The story is set in Denmark and is one of her newest releases.  For their activity, the students made a peak quiz chart which put animals behind descriptions of their favorite things about winter.

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