It’s not just a tennis court anymore

If you look closely, not only can you see the large crack in the asphalt in the bottom right corner of this picture, but you can also see how the tiles are warping in the green section. Photo provided

The Eagle Grove tennis court has seen its better days. The 105’ wide by 130’ long court was originally designed with 4-5” of concrete with wire mesh. On the perimeter of the concrete they put 4-5” of asphalt with an additional 2” of asphalt over the concrete to reseal cracks.

“Over time, asphalt cracks and deteriorates at a faster rate than concrete,” said City Administrator Bryce Davis. “So when we look at what the tennis courts were...there was about a 4” crack with some settling issues that prohibited the tennis experience.”

So approximately 20 years ago, the Parks and Recreation Department laid plastic court tiles over the deteriorating concrete and asphalt. These had a 15 year warranty, but now they are starting to buckle and starting to pull apart. There were even tiles missing. As a result, this spring, the city took about half of the tiles off to look at the tile situation underneath. What they found was a 4” crack in the asphalt.

“Obviously, this was a safety hazard, and also, when you start to get that much water infiltration in the concrete and asphalt, every time you get a freeze/thaw cycle, the asphalt cracks more and deteriorates at a faster rate if the surface is not maintained,” said Davis.

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