It’s not just for Senior Citizens anymore

Spinner Dominoes is one of the new games that is a favorite at the Eagle Grove Senior Citizens Center. Participating in last week’s Game Day were Judy Kerch, Chuck Brown, Barbara Brown, Helen Burr, and Jerry Goebel who drives over from Clarion to join in on the fun. Photo by Kim Demory

How would you like to meet new people? How would you like to learn something new? How would you like to relieve stress? How would you like to just have some fun?

The Eagle Grove Senior Center is the place where you can do all of these things. That’s right! Regardless of what people think, it’s not just for senior citizens anymore, and their hoping that you will think about joining them for some old favorites and some brand new activities.

Of course, there’s the eve-popular Monday evening BINGO games. It’s a lot of fun that brings many players out to enjoy. If you like games, there’s also Wednesday Game Days. After lunch, which the public is also invited to enjoy (maybe just give them a heads-up if you’re not a regular - you can find the menu listed each week under Congregate Meals in this newspaper on Page 6), they begin game-playing about 1 p.m. There’s always a group of individuals looking for partners to play a couple hands of 500 or a game of Spinner Dominoes. Don’t know how to play them? What a great opportunity to learn your “one new thing” for the day. Both games are a lot of fun and the “regulars” at the senior Center will be happy to teach you how to play. If pool is more your style, there’s usually a couple of gentleman racking up the balls as well. There are all sorts of things you can do on game day. How about a puzzle?

Speaking of 500, site-worker Loretta Baker is encouraging people to join them the fourth Friday of each month for a 500 Card Party. Years ago, before cell phones and social media, people used to get together and play cards. She’s hoping to revive the face-to-face contact and interaction with a good ol’ game of cards.

Read the full story in the March 8 edition.