How EG is facing the Coronavirus

These are uncertain times as we are all figuring out one- step-at-a-time, day-by-day, how to navigate our way through the Coronavirus and the limitations it has put on our normal daily lives.  What started out as something we heard about in the news happening overseas has reached the U.S. and is now closing schools and businesses throughout the country.  Unfortunately, its effects are also being felt here in Wright County.

Eagle Grove school officials sent out an announcement via text message and email Sunday evening just after 9 p.m., that “Following the Governor’s recommendation, there will be no school on Monday, March 16...and to be safe would not plan on ‘no school’ for the next 30 days.”  

Toliver verified Monday morning, March 16, that they have indeed decided to cancel all classes until April 14 or until the Governor changes her guidance to the schools.

“As for makeup days (for the Eagle Grove Community School District), we do not know at this time.”

Although the Eagle Grove Area School District is taking the precautions suggested by authorities, including postponing spring sports, as are businesses and community members, there are still ways we can all help each other, and people who are willing to do that.

Sack Lunches for all school children 0-18

Starting Wednesday, March 18, 2020, the Eagle Grove Area School District began distributing sack lunches in a grab and go style format at various locations around town between 11 a.m. and noon.  These lunches are free to all kids ages 0-18.  There have also been locations set up in Vincent, Woolstock, and Thor. 

Beginning Monday, March 23, free breakfast will also be available in the same grab and go style.

 We are going to hand out breakfast and lunch at the same time. This will start March 20. Kids will get a Friday lunch and a Saturday breakfast. We will not have breakfast deliveries each morning but we will now be able to get breakfast to the outlying towns of Vincent, Thor and Woolstock.

Toliver stressed, “Locations in Eagle Grove are designed so students should not have to cross major highways or railroad tracks. Please encourage your children to be safe when traveling to get a meal.”

Funding for these programs, according to Toliver, is coming from a granted extension of the Summer Lunch Program that has been offered the past several years in Eagle Grove.  Therefore, both breakfast and lunch will be free to kids ages 0 - 18, regardless of family income.


The Eagle Grove Chamber of Commerce is working with businesses to help them during this time, suggesting they use precautions as they see fit; offering online payment when possible; keep surfaces sanitized, having hand sanitizer, and limiting the number of people gathered at any particular time.v “We’re a strong community, and we will get through this together,” Chanber Director Sara Middleton told each of the businesses in a mass email Monday morning, March 16.

In a release she issued Tuesday morning, March 17, she said, “I was on conference call with Wright County city and county government leaders and the chambers of commerce today, led by Mayor McGrath in her county environmental and public health role, and we discussed best practices we should be doing here in Wright County during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The most important thing we can (do) is to rely on correct and practical information from the CDC and Iowa Department of Public Health, and use this information to help make sensible decisions about how to proceed.” 

The following website are those recommended from the discussion:


Iowa Department of Public Health:…/1/userfil…/7/Business%20Guidance.pdf

A proclamation from Governor Kim Reynolds late Monday morning gave further instructions for business owners in the State of Iowa in an effort to combat COVID 19.  In summary all fitness centers, aquatic centers (and the like) are closed.  All theaters are mandated closed (live and movie).  Casino and gambling facilities are closed. All Restaurants and Bars are closed to the general public except that to the extent permitted by applicable law, and in accordance with any recommendations of the Iowa Department of Public Health, food and beverages may be sold if such food or beverages are promptly taken from the premises, such as on a carry-out or drive-through basis, or if the food or beverage is delivered to customers off the premises.

Mass Gathering: Social, community, spiritual, religious, recreational, leisure, and sporting gatherings and events of more than 10 people are hereby prohibited at all locations and venues, including but not limited to parades, festivals, conventions, and fundraisers. Planned large gatherings and events must be canceled or postponed until after termination of this disaster.

All facilities that conduct adult day services or other senior citizen centers are also closed.

High Risk

For those individuals who have been placed in the “high risk” category - the elderly, chronic diseases, etc., you are encouraged to please take extra percautions.  If you are in need of supplies, call businesses to see how they may be able to accommodate you.  If you are in need of help getting what you need, Middleton invites you to call her at the Chamber - 448-4821 and she will shop and deliver for you. You can pay over the phone directly to the businesses.

What’s important is that we all work together to keep this at bay the best we can.  As we have been told since the outbreak began, the best defense is good hygiene habits.  Wash your hands; cover your sneeze/cough; use hand sanizer; and most importantly, stay home if you don’t feel well.  Remember, we are a community that helps one another, so if you need help, just ask, be it the businesses, the Chamber, or a friend.

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