Honored to have served Local Veterans talk about recent Honor Flight trip

Veterans ready to board the Sept. 15 Honor Flight include, from left: David Webster, John Asche, Larry DeLano, and Robert Crandall. Photo provided

If you ask a Vietnam Veteran what it was like to come home from the war, many of them will talk about the way they were treated when they came home. It’s not like the welcome today’s service men and women receive when they return to U.S. soil. Vietnam Veterans, back then, were not appreciated for their sacrifices, or thanked for their service - but on Saturday, Sept. 15, 2018, some of them got the recognition, and the appreciation, that was so long overdue.

Before the sun rose, the 17th Brushy Creek Honor Flight took off with a plane full of Veterans, many of them who fought in the Vietnam War. They headed to Washington, D.C. for a day filled with visiting Arlington Cemetery, seeing the Changing of the Guards, visiting military monuments, and more. But for Robert Crandall of Eagle Grove, John Asche of Eagle Grove, and David Webster of Goldfield - three Wright County Veterans aboard the flight, perhaps the most memorable part of the trip wasn’t so much what they saw, but the cheers of the people and the gratefulness they were shown. “When we left (Fort Dodge) it was great.

When we got to D.C. it was great. There were a couple thousand people at the airport...and the Knights of Columbus were also there in uniform,” said Asche. “When we were on the buses headed to our destination, as I looked out the window, there was a van full of kids driving next to us waving at us and waving fl ags. And when we got home again, the people were great there again too.”

Weber also was touched by the reactions of all the people and also noticed the van of kids waving.

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