Happily Ever After

Esther and Leslie Larson, September 2017. Photo by Kim Demory

This love story began 72 years ago when two strangers got a ride home from a friend.

Esther (Vinnece) Larson began telling the story of how she and a friend went to a dance in Fort Dodge one Thursday night. At the age of 20, she thought nothing of walking home after it was over, but her friend insisted they find a ride...and they did. Inside the vehicle was 19-year-old Leslie Larson.

“I walked her up to the door,” Les said with a little grin of arriving back at her apartment.

During the next year, their friendship blossomed into a romance. Most of their dates were at the rollerskating rink, although “Les really wasn’t much of a roller skater,” Esther joked.

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