A hair razoring experience: Eagle Grove Fire Department goes bald in support of Clarion firefighter, Rick Smith

It took a little encouragement, but Tony Olson finally worked up the nerve to shave his head like the rest of the Eagle Grove Fire Department. To celebrate his courage, Fire Chief Tom Peterson did the job himself...which actually seemed to make Olson even more nervous believe it or not. Photo by Kim Demory

Firefighters are more than just first responders who show up to put out the flames of tragedy.

They are everyday heros who go above and beyond the call of duty, not only for the community they serve, but amongst themselves as well. They become a family, and when one of those family members is hurting, firemen pull together to do their part to help out.

One might think this only holds true amongst volunteers of the same department, but that’s not the case. Recently, the Eagle Grove Firefighters pulled together in a show of support for fellow firefighter, Rick Smith, a 34-year member of the Clarion Department, who was diagnosed with cancer last year. It involved losing some hair for the Eagle Grove group, but it gained a lot of money to help Smith offset the costs associated with his treatments.

Smith has been undergoing treatments for cancer that started in his lung and metastasized to his brain, according to Smith’s wife, Pam.

He does chemotherapy every three weeks as well as radiation treatments every three months.

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