Goldfield Dam Project accepting donations

By: Clae Goater
The Goldfield Dam Project is currently accepting donations to replace the old wooden dam with a rock arch rapids. The project is seeking monetary donations, as well as donations of rock for building material. 
Rock arch rapids are made up of several rows of large boulders are embedded into a rock ramp. These rows of boulders form a series of steps, which creates pools.  Joe Skinner, the man who started the Goldfield Dam Project, pointed out that these rapids are built in such a way that the boulders do not shift much during freezing and thawing, and that they have had great success with these rapids in Minnesota. 
Rock arch rapids were originally designed for conservation purposes. They allow fish to move freely up and down the river even when the water is low, while still blocking enough of the water to function as a dam.
“A low-head dam does not allow fish to go upstream except for when it’s flooded. With these rock arch rapids, they can go upstream practically year-round,” said Skinner.
Read the full article in the Sept. 12 edition of the Eagle.